Friday, May 23, 2014

The Belle Program

What is the Belle program?
We created the Belle program to motivate and empower young equestrians by introducing them to some basic promotional principals and having them participate in philanthropic and confidence growing events. We hope that this dynamic program will enrich the girls’ lives and give them a chance to grow with us.

 Who are the Belles?
The Belles are young equestrians forming their futures in a positive and productive way. They represent themselves with class and dignity and are leaders in both the barn and the classroom. They are always learning proper horsemanship and enjoy helping others. The girls not only conduct themselves with exemplary sportsmanship at horse shows, but also maintain good grades in school. We encourage all of our Belles to maintain grades no lower than a B. It is our hope that the Belle program will help these girls become leaders, who work hard and carry themselves with confidence and kindness while having FUN!


Nicole White
Welcome 8 year old Nicole White and her pony Deja Blue to the Belle Program! You can see Nicole competing in the Cross Rails divisions at shows like ESP Fall Circuit, Winter Equestrian Festival, ESP Spring Circuit, Fox Lea Farm, and Kentucky Summer. She is from Boca Raton, Florida and she rides with Forget Me Not Farm In Wellington with trainer Stefanie Mazer. Nicole strives to be a straight A student. She wants to be horse trainer and vet when she grows up. He favorite subjects in school are science and art and her favorite color is gold.

Isabella White
6 year old Isabella White joins our program along with her sister Nicole. Isabella competes in the walk trot division and is hoping to move into the jump class soon. Her Pony True Colors was circuit champion in the Winter Equestrian Festival in 2014. Bella says True Colors is a “really, really, really good jumper.” Just like her sister Isabella also hopes to be a straight A student and her favorite subject in school is art. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her favorite color is silver and she loves riding and fashion, which makes her the perfect fit for our Belle Program!

Mia Green
Mia also comes to us from Forget Me Not Farm in Wellinton, Florida. Mia is 7 years old and competes in short stirrup with her pony GF Forget Me Not. She also has two other ponies, Unforgettable, who is ridden
by her friend Emma Kurtz in the green pony hunters and Sugarbook Adorablue, who is just a baby pony learning to jump. Mia was circuit champion at the Winter Equestrian Festival and her goal is to compete in pony finals one day. She is very proud that her pony GF Forget Me Not “Kelly” was USEF Horse of the Year in 2013. You can see Mia competing at shows like; ESP Fall Circuit, Winter Equestrian Festival, ESP Spring Circuit, Fox Lea Farm, and Kentucky Summer. Mia loves art class in school and hopes to receive straight A’s this year. She loves to watch the jumpers at the horse shows and is hoping to make some new friends by joining the Belle Program, so don’t be shy and say hi to Mia Green!

Margaret Junkin
 Maggie or MJ joins us from Jenkinton, PA and the Patty Miller Stables. Maggie shows her pony Foxlair Fantasia, “Fancy”, in the small pony hunters. You can find her competing up and down the East coast at shows like; Vermont Summer Festival, Saratoga, HITS-Saugerties, Culpepper, Ocala, Pony Finals, Devon, Harrisburg and WIHS. Maggie is an honor student in school and balances her time between school, riding and division 1Soccer.
Maggie loves traveling to away shows and riding her bike around the show grounds to meet up with friends she has made from all over the country. She gets up early and does most of the barn work herself. She is a hard worker and dreams of showing in the Grand Prix one day. Maggie is a true animal lover and has 5 dogs and 3 cats! Maggie is excited to be a part of the Belle Program and can’t wait to start giving back to charities like Danny and Ron’s Rescue for the dogs.

Do you want to be a Belle? We are looking to expand our team, if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Belle please contact us so we can send you more information on the program. Email or visit our website  

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