Monday, April 20, 2015

Libbie Gordon had a great Winter Circuit In Ocala

Telyanu Ballerina and Libbie
This year I got to spend the winter down in Ocala! I got the chance to ride some really nice ponies, like Gametime, Her Highness, Saddle Sold Separately, Wooland’s Polar Bear, Costal Sunset, and Magic Word. I also got the chance to model and hack Devil Mint, Peterpotamus, and R Cinderella Man. I was really nervous about riding other peoples ponies but was a lot fun in the end. My ponies, Baby Blue, Tiffany Blue and Bieber, were also a lot of fun to! I had to work on a lot of things like shortening and lengthening but it all work out in the end because in ended up circuit champion in the smalls on Baby Blue and Reserve Circuit Champion on Tiffany Blue in the mediums. I was really excited because there were a lot of great competition. 
Baby Blue and Libbie
This season at HITS i got to bring back one of my first small ponies, Telyanu Ballerina, back from injury. It was a long two years, but I finally got to shoer in the children's ponies at the end of circuit.  
In Ocala, I got the chance to spend time with my friends on and off of the show ground. I also got to meet a lot of new as well. It was a little frustrating going to the tutor Monday thru Thursday but it all worked out in the end because l was all caught up with school at the end of the circuit. 

Tiffany Blue and Libbie
The best part about the circuit was probably riding my first green pony, Glenhaven’s Astoria. This was the most fun part about Ocala because not only were the owners so supportive, but I qualified her for Pony Finals! Thank You to everybody for making this Hits so special. I can’t wait for Devon! 

See you at the shows!
Libbie Gordon