Thursday, August 20, 2015

We love Pony Finals!!

Who doesn’t love Pony Finals? It is every kids dream to attend pony finals and win. But win or loose, everyone always has a fun time.  Team Belle had a blast this year! We partook in showing our ponies, the golf cart parade, a pizza party and our photo shoot for our new catalog. It was great to have almost the whole team together!

Our vendor booth 
We had sooo many bows!
The girls all had a great show! We started out our week with set up day at our vendor booth. Setting up is hard work! The girls all came by and got their welcome bags with goodies from The Plaid Horse Magazine, Model Horse Jumps, Pony Bling, Mane Jane, Fortune’s Fool (the book), Snaks 5th avenchew, Welsh Wear and of course lots of Belle and Bow gear. Big Thank you to all our vendor contributors. What a treat to have such a great collaboration of small businesses.

Belles picking up their goodies
Tuesday was social media day. We posted on on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #teambelle and #ponyfinals2015. We are so excited to have so many new followers!

We also launched Belle's Basement this year and it was a huge success! We invited everyone to bring their gently used show quality items to us for consignment. A lot of people got some great deals on show clothes!

Belle's Basement debut

Our Pizza arriving by golf cart
Wednesday we had our pizza party and photo shoot. Our pizza arrived by golf cart to the VIP tent and we shared with all our friends while we got ready for our photo shoot that followed.
The photos were so exciting! We could see a big black sky lurking towards us and the winds were rolling in. We all thought were going to get soaked! The impending weather ending up making the photos all the more fun as we ran from location to location trying to beat the rain.

All piled in the back of the car!
The Belles all had a blast getting to know each other and thinking up creative ideas for the photos. We threw bows in the air, included Mia’s new puppies and did cart wheels in the fields. Somehow we managed to beat the rain and all had a fun getting some great photos by our super photographer Bethany Unwin! Thanks Bethany!

Golf Cart Parade
Thursday was the golf cart parade. We were so busy showing and selling bows that we didn’t have time to prepare for the parade. As we were getting ready the rains started to come in and our golf cart was missing!! We borrowed a golf cart and pulled out a banner got dressed up in our matching outfits. Somehow we and pulled together an impromptu processional.  The rains started beating down on us in our plastic covered golf cart filled with screaming kids piled into the back seat.  It was a blast! Once we got inside the girls chanted and did gymnastics as we paraded around the Alltec indoor arena. The other carts were ornately decorated in fun themes like the ghostbusters, hillbillies and Super Mario Brothers. They looked great. Even though our cart wasn’t decorated we still had a blast and thought of fun ideas for next years parade.
Congratulations Libbie!
Libbie with her Shadbelly bows
Isabella with her purple ribbon!

The rest of the show was clear blue skies and lots of smiles. Everyone had a great show. Libbie Gordon was 4th overall in the small green ponies with her pony Glenhaven Astoria, 5th over all in the regular smalls with her pony Baby Blue and 5th overall in the regular mediums with Tiffany Blue. Be sure to check out our bows that are named after Tiffany and Baby! Isabella White had a great first time showing at Pony Finals and came home with a Purple ribbon (7th place) from the small pony model. She did a great job and we are so proud of her! Mia, Nicole and Maggie also did a great job and had lots of fun with their ponies. We made new friends and can’t wait for #ponyfinals2016! Stay tuned to see who our newest members of #teambelle will be for next year.

Bella White in her first pony finals!

Libbie with her pony finals bows

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Devon Hunt Teams are so fun!

Belle Libbie Gordon had a great time at Devon and she shared a little with us in her blog:

 This year at Devon I did hunt-teams with Julia Zug and Lorimars Signature and Bella DiBennedetto and her pony Goldfish.  Our team name was “Heroes” and we dressed up in camouflage and so did our ponies.  They wore the cutest caps with the American Flag on the front.  

Custom matching bows
And, Mrs. Stacie made us the cutest bows that matched perfectly.  It was a blast!!!  We had so much fun and ended up in second place! 

In the regular smalls and mediums… my ponies were very good!  I had a great time seeing all my horse show friends that I don’t always get to see that often.  I can’t wait until Pony Finals so I can see everyone again.  

Libbie with trainer Bibby Farmer
Next, I am off to Conyers, Ga at the Georgia International Horse Park… and I am hoping they have their pony derby where we get to ride in the big Olympic arena.  Then I will be spending 2 weeks in Lake Placid… and they have great fireworks over July 4th… over Mirror Lake.. so much fun!  

 Thanks for Sharing with us Libbie! Good luck this summer! #GoteamBelle!
Shetland pony races at Devon 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Belle and Bow Equestrian: Belles Are Blooming This Spring

Belle and Bow Equestrian: Belles Are Blooming This Spring: Nicole and Isabella White and Mia Green had a great time in Wellington these past few weekends at the Equestrian Sport Production’s 2...

Belles Are Blooming This Spring

Nicole and Isabella White and Mia Green had a great time in Wellington these past few weekends at the Equestrian Sport Production’s 2015 Spring Series. 

Mia Green was Circuit Champion on her new medium pony Brighton My Day in the children’s division, and got a first and second in the small pony division on Flower Girl and Crystal Acres Twinkle Toes.  She loves these ponies! 

Mia’s least favorite part of the show is the Handy.   She says “my brain can’t quite get it right yet even though Stefanie tries to make me memorize it a million times!” 
Mia wore her favorite good luck Belle and Bow hair bows, these are great bows that show our support for Danny and Ron’s rescue, since a portion of each sale go to helping dogs at the charity.  We have several of these bows left for sale!  Email Stefanie at and we can get you some. 

Nicole White moved up from short stirrups to the small pony division this weekend, and Mia is thrilled to have her buddy with her in the same class.  She loves riding her new small pony, State of the Art.  Her favorite part of the show was getting great ribbons her very first time in the small division, and being able to show with Mia.  Nicole seems to enjoy jumping over fences herself as well as on her ponies! 

Isabella White moved up from the cross rail class to short stirrups and was reserve champion!  She loves riding Miss Australia, and her new pony Boyfriend.  The girls love riding with their trainer Stefanie Mazer, who is in their words is “really fun and nice.” 

These Belles are finally enjoying riding at their new barn, Forget Me Not Farm in Wellington, Florida  where we moved in this January.  It is on 10 acres and has plenty of room for lots of new animals.   We welcomed Rusty and Rose two pot bellied pigs, two ducks named Rocco and Honey, and a great little puppy named Lily (nickname Silly Lily) from Danny and Ron’s Rescue. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Libbie Gordon had a great Winter Circuit In Ocala

Telyanu Ballerina and Libbie
This year I got to spend the winter down in Ocala! I got the chance to ride some really nice ponies, like Gametime, Her Highness, Saddle Sold Separately, Wooland’s Polar Bear, Costal Sunset, and Magic Word. I also got the chance to model and hack Devil Mint, Peterpotamus, and R Cinderella Man. I was really nervous about riding other peoples ponies but was a lot fun in the end. My ponies, Baby Blue, Tiffany Blue and Bieber, were also a lot of fun to! I had to work on a lot of things like shortening and lengthening but it all work out in the end because in ended up circuit champion in the smalls on Baby Blue and Reserve Circuit Champion on Tiffany Blue in the mediums. I was really excited because there were a lot of great competition. 
Baby Blue and Libbie
This season at HITS i got to bring back one of my first small ponies, Telyanu Ballerina, back from injury. It was a long two years, but I finally got to shoer in the children's ponies at the end of circuit.  
In Ocala, I got the chance to spend time with my friends on and off of the show ground. I also got to meet a lot of new as well. It was a little frustrating going to the tutor Monday thru Thursday but it all worked out in the end because l was all caught up with school at the end of the circuit. 

Tiffany Blue and Libbie
The best part about the circuit was probably riding my first green pony, Glenhaven’s Astoria. This was the most fun part about Ocala because not only were the owners so supportive, but I qualified her for Pony Finals! Thank You to everybody for making this Hits so special. I can’t wait for Devon! 

See you at the shows!
Libbie Gordon