Saturday, June 13, 2015

Devon Hunt Teams are so fun!

Belle Libbie Gordon had a great time at Devon and she shared a little with us in her blog:

 This year at Devon I did hunt-teams with Julia Zug and Lorimars Signature and Bella DiBennedetto and her pony Goldfish.  Our team name was “Heroes” and we dressed up in camouflage and so did our ponies.  They wore the cutest caps with the American Flag on the front.  

Custom matching bows
And, Mrs. Stacie made us the cutest bows that matched perfectly.  It was a blast!!!  We had so much fun and ended up in second place! 

In the regular smalls and mediums… my ponies were very good!  I had a great time seeing all my horse show friends that I don’t always get to see that often.  I can’t wait until Pony Finals so I can see everyone again.  

Libbie with trainer Bibby Farmer
Next, I am off to Conyers, Ga at the Georgia International Horse Park… and I am hoping they have their pony derby where we get to ride in the big Olympic arena.  Then I will be spending 2 weeks in Lake Placid… and they have great fireworks over July 4th… over Mirror Lake.. so much fun!  

 Thanks for Sharing with us Libbie! Good luck this summer! #GoteamBelle!
Shetland pony races at Devon 

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